Languages for language-related industries and professions
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Languages for language-related industries and professions

Sub-project 1 of the Third Thematic Network Project investigated recent developments within the so-called language industries. These industries include organisations and companies active in the following fields: translation, including software and website localisation, revision and editing, terminology management, dubbing and subtitling; interpretation, in the form of conference interpreting, liaison interpreting and public service interpreting; and the language technologies, comprising, among others, machine translation, multilingual text processing, and speech processing.

The remit of the sub-project was to identify changes in the language industries across Europe, to describe the needs, in terms of new professional skills and competences, resulting from these changes, and to monitor the efforts of European Higher Education institutions to meet these needs by providing relevant specialist language programmes at Bachelorís and Masterís levels.

The work of the sub-project is documented in national reports, a synthesis report, various conference reports, and the dissemination document produced by TNP3-D, the network project for dissemination of the results and outcomes of the Third Thematic Network Project. All of these documents are available on this website or on the website of TNP3.

The dissemination document, which presents the recommendations of the sub-project on measures required in Higher Education to meet the current and future demands of the language-related industries and professionals working within them, also draws on insights gained from a Europe-wide consultation conducted in 2005-2006 among employers and graduates in the language industries.

The dissemination documents and the synthesis reports are available through the links below.
Dissemination document
Synthesis reports