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Languages as an interface between the different sectors of education
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Languages in European Higher Education
Welcome to the website of the network disseminating the results of the third Thematic Network Project in the Area of Languages (TNP3)
TNP3 was a network project about the role and relevance of foreign language skills for European higher education graduates. In the context of the changing linguistic and intercultural needs of Europe, we set about building bridges between higher education institutions, institutions and authorities in the other sectors of education, and the world of work.

The outcomes and results of TNP3 gave been disseminated through the

TNP3 Dissemination Network (TNP3-D)

This website, which forms part of the dissemination effort, specifically addresses

  • language specialists in all the sectors of education

  • university senior management

  • decision-makers in university language departments, schools of translation and interpretation, and language centres

  • decision-makers in the school sector

  • student organisations

  • companies in the language industries

  • employers in the private and public sectors

  • academic and professional organisations and networks

Why do graduates’ foreign language skills matter more than ever before?
Building bridges between higher education institutions and other stakeholders
What were the main activities in TNP3?
What is the purpose of the dissemination network?
What are the main Dissemination Network (TNP3-D) activities?